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The song is a story about a little boy who died on the hospital several days because the doctors could not manage to examine the boy on time. Despite the huge scandal on local (Latvian) media, no one was mentioned as the responsible one and parents were left devastated and destroyed ("Agony is what they get as a prize for being desperate in front of the life").



The body`s resting collapsed
As a piece of a scrap
They got a notice of faith
In a subsequent way

“Dear parents! Please, calm down!
There`s no reason to object
We did it with care, so
It`s all to be clear”


Agony is what they get as a prize
For being desperate in front of the life
Infinity is what is used to build the size
Of a feeling that there`s no more place to hide
Freaks, you know – they will be sorted out


Pointing to each other
Making nonsense of anything asked
You forgot to drink
The blood of a child who just passed

What is the benefit that you receive
From being executioner?
What if you just turn from a hunter
To the kill of a shooter?


Priceless is one`s life
Upon the Hippocratic oath
Too expensive is to save a child
You better stop to see
How he Dies

Where the hell has disappeared
The promise that it was not a disease?
You will respond in front of thyself
On Your Knees



Sickness stands for the local merchant cost, yes
Priceless seems the martyr pain but
Hopeless thoughts appear waiting for your turn
You should not miss the train
Freaks, you know – they will be sorted out