Looney Tunes

from the album



The song reflects the crippled upbringing, educations system and the overall boxed thinking. Things have to be as they have to be - nothing more, nothing less. And any time "the new world order" comes in place, everyone is obliged to follow the rules. This all brings to the real life cartoon where actually nothing is real.



Colorful cartoon heroes appear on the mind
But no looney tunes are on air
Powerful landlords are assumed to be found
But no kingdom`s around

Sacred secret propaganda is filled in the brain
As the future of the mankind
Poorness has led into porn that shows
How to become intellectually blind


The easiest state of the manipulation
Sterilized chaos incomplete
Broadcast of a mass convergence was made
To create the social color-blindness base

Hypnotic seem the symbols being introduced by
The prime upper human race
Certain roles, dependent rules, loony stamps
Will be smashed right into your face


Another Earth is being invented to complete
The sickness of the so called artificial intelligence
Soldiers are picked from the kinder garden
And made to creep upon the nuclear fence

Minds are being treated in order to awake
The cripples who’ve been given a power overdose
Some of the addicted could still be saved
But they already have nothing to lose


Now is the time when it seems we should get at least
One further notice of faith
How could that beauty so suddenly transform into a beast
Who ruined all we did create

We could remain as friends even though
There are no smiling faces at all
Artificial overpower, multicultural war for peace
Anyway – these values shall fall


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